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Crosspointe Baptist Church has a ministry for people of all ages because people of all ages need to know who God is and what He has done for them. Click here to see a summary of the ministries we have to offer at Crosspointe. Click here to see our service times on Sundays & Wednesdays.
If you happened to die today, do you know if you would go to Heaven or not? Most people believe in a place called Heaven, but click here to see what the Bible says about Heaven and how you can have a home there when you pass away from this earth.
Crosspointe Baptist Church has a distinctive set of core beliefs. Click here to see what Crosspointe believes & what makes us unique amongst other churches. Click here to see a special local news report about one of our most distinctive ministries - our Heaven Bound ministry.
Our Ministries What We Believe What We're Doing “Life begins at the Cross.”